The path to natural harmony

Price list

Tasting of Tantra (1 hour) ...................... EUR 80 

Complete Tantra (2 hours) 

....................... EUR 150

Other options on demand.

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Words of the client

"It's been almost 14 days, but I can still feel the heat and the breeze and especially your magic hands. It was amazing."

What is tantra?

Tantra is an ancient practice that uses touch as a path to deep relaxation and inner harmony.

In a tantric massage, you go through a process of whole-body stimulation that awakens the senses and offers a pleasurable experience leading to a new perception of your own body and mind.

What's this about?

My approaches are based on a deep experience that not only relaxes but also recharges both body and soul.

You will uncover your hidden energies and learn to use them to restore your life force and boost your self-esteem.

Tantra is not sex

Tantra is not sex or erotic massage aimed at achieving physical orgasm.

It is a way to discover and enjoy your inner energy, to awaken and embrace it.

Course of the massage

Start with an itroductory dialogue, followed by whole-body stimulation. Both the guide and the client are naked. The session includes stimulation of the lingam (penis) ane an optional prostate massage.

What are you expected to do?

Approach the massage with an open mind and a clean body.

During the massage, immerse yourself in the role of the receiver and let yourself be pampered without the need for any reciprocity.

Part of the experience is the opportunity to fully relax and express your feelings - whether through joy, laughter or tears.

Good health, physical fitness and sobriety are a must.

Accept the invitation to Tantra!

Experience the transformative power of tantric massage and discover a new dimension of relaxation and self-knowledge. This unforgettable experience will enrich your life experience and contribute to your personal well-being.

Masseur George

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